Signs It’s Time To Quit

Whether you’re worried about a relationship, a job or just a project, there are some definite signs that you are investing in something when you would be better to quit and give yourself time to start over.

Sign It's Time To QuitOf course, the longer your investment in something is, and the more your life is caught up in it, the harder it is to quit, so you have to balance things out.

So this simple series of questions is not about getting yourself out of a twenty year marriage (though it may get you thinking and on the path to doing something about improving the situation one way or another), this is about quitting those things that are really doing you no good at all.

Once you’ve been through the questions, make a decision to quit, if that’s right for you, and, if necessary, start the steps you need to take to extract yourself. Plan your exit strategy – for example, work on getting a new job, a new place to live or whatever you need for a fresh start. In some cases, all you will need to do is quit to take a load off your mind.

These are the things to consider when making your decision to quit


Strong Negative Feelings

If the situation is causing you a lot of stress, anxiety or depression, why are you torturing yourself in this way? Step back and think how much happier you would be without all that upset in your life.


You’re Getting Advice To Quit

If people you know, like, and trust are telling you that the situation you are in is not good for you, then listen to them. Could they have a good point? These people will be great support if you decide to quit.


You’ve Lost Interest

If you’re no longer looking forward to seeing a guy, or you’re not motivated to work on a job or project, is the whole thing still worth pursuing? If the desire to succeed is no longer there, think about whether it ever will be there, and if not, it’s time to quit.


You’re Not Making Progress

If you’re just marking time and treading water, then you deserve better than a dead end. If your relationship, job or project are going nowhere, remember there’s a whole world of excitement out there. Go for it!


Too Many Drawbacks

If you’re starting to feel that the drawbacks of staying in whatever situation you’re in far outweigh the benefits, then it may be time to call it a day. Could you quit and achieve those benefits without the drawbacks, with a fresh start? What physical, emotional and practical benefits are there in quitting?


Has Everything Changed?

were you once happy with the situation, but so many things have changed that those initial things you were happy with are not true any more? Sometimes circumstances change, and something is just not a good fit for us any more.


Imagine The Future

How will you feel in the future if this guy, job or project are not part of your life any more? You might feel a little bit of regret that things did not work out the way you hoped they would at the beginning. But if your overriding feeling is one of relief or excitement at the thought of future possibilities, then this is a good indication that you should quit. When thinking about this, don’t just consider the immediate future after you quit. Also, think about the long term. What goals have you more chance of achieving if you quit?

Poor Reason To Quit

If something is taking a little more effort than you expected, remember that nothing worthwhile is gained without some kind of work on your part. It’s only when you’ve made a number of attempts to improve things, yet nothing has made you happier or closer to your goal, that you should move on.

Be particularly carefully if you have a pattern of quitting when the going gets tough. That may say more about you than the situation you are in.

Poor Reasons Not To Quit

You are the opposite of a “quitter” – you feel you should stick at things and not give up, no matter what. Don’t stay in a situation that you really should quit because of false guilt – the feeling that you should see things through to the bitter end and not leave things undone. Quitting is not a sign of failure if what you’re quitting is negative. We all make mistakes in our choices, but we don’t have to live with them forever.

The expectations of others are never a reason for sticking with a situation that you know is not right for you. How many have gone through with a wedding or embarked on a course of study that they knew was not for them, because they didn’t want to let everyone down? Too many! How may regretted it? All of them!

The journey from knowing something is not right for you to the point where you can’t stand things any more and quit anyway, could be a time when you are laying down the foundations for something new and magical in your life. Don’t deny yourself that magic!

Over to you: Have you ever stuck with something too long? What made you quit in the end? Please share in the comments below

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