9 Signs of a Bad First Date

9 Signs of a Bad First Date

Not every date will be perfect. There will always be the one that got away, the evening you’d rather not think about, or the guy that made you cringe. However, there are times when you’re in the date and you’re not quite sure if this is going to be a […] Read more »

Pros And Cons Of The First Date Kiss

At some point during a first date, usually towards the end, there is usually an opportunity or possibility for a first kiss. Although you can plenty of opinions around about what you should do on your first date, there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to first date […] Read more »

NEVER Do This After Your First Date. Really??

There’s a debate about this one. The question is should you send a thank you text after your first date if you want a second date? I just watched a video by Rachel Greenwald author of “Have Him At Hello!” who conducted a poll of a thousand single men to […] Read more »

Should You Be Yourself On A First Date?

be yourself

So the time has come for your first date. You’re excited and feeling good because you got asked out or he accepted your invitation for a drink. You’re looking forward to a nice evening out with someone you like and would like to get to know better. At the same […] Read more »

14 First Date Mistakes

first date mistakes

The good news is, you got a date! You get to dress up nicely and get to know someone you like at least enough to agree to a date. However, there are always things that can go wrong. Some things can’t be helped, but if your last few dates haven’t […] Read more »

Should You Sleep With Him On The First Date?

should you sleep with him on the first date

There’s no absolute right or wrong answer to that question, but it’s worth thinking about so you can get your head straight before your date. Although you might think in these days of equality, it’s a matter of personal choice whether you sleep with him on the first date, there […] Read more »