Third Step To A Great Relationship

It doesn’t matter whether you are in a relationship already or you are looking for one, much of what you need to do to create a great relationship is the same. Strange but true as we have already seen in step 1 and step 2. We tend to think it […] Read more »

How To Lose A Good Man Without Cheating

101 Easy Ways To Lose A Good Man

Last weekend I came across a Kindle book in my collection of free downloads with a title that made me stop and open it. It was called “101 Easy Ways To Lose A Good Man Without Cheating” by author Lady Bee. With a title and author like that, I thought […] Read more »

5 Clear Signs You’re With The Wrong Guy

Sometimes when you’re with a guy (whether you just met him or you’ve been together for some time), you wonder if you should stay with him or you should get out of there and try to meet someone else. Sometimes we are too inclined to hope for the best or […] Read more »

Second Step To A Great Relationship

Second Step To A Great Relationship

In case you missed it, we looked at the first step to a great relationship (whether you are already in a relationship or not) last week. You can catch up with that here. This week it’s the turn of the second step, and again this applies whether you think you […] Read more »

My Top Ten Marriage Tips

My Top Ten Marriage Tips

In twenty-six years of being happily married, I like to think I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a relationship last – or at least what has helped my relationship last – no doubt every marriage is just a little bit different. Here are the ten things that […] Read more »

First Step To A Great Relationship

***Before you can have a great relationship with anyone, you have to have a great relationship with yourself.*** It’s pretty simple really. A relationship is made up of two people. They are the foundations for the whole thing. If one of them is on shaky ground, the relationship can easily […] Read more »

Secrets Of Happy Couples

Secrets of happy couples

I love this “Secrets of Happy Couples” infographic from because it sums up so much about happy relationships in one picture.  I also like it because it makes me think that anyone can have a happy marriage if they follow the guidelines (though admittedly it does have to be […] Read more »

Relationship Success – Depth Not Duration

Another interesting distinction that relationship expert Reid Mihalko made in the talk I was listening to yesterday was in how we measure the success of a relationship. He says, we tend to measure relationship success by how long a couple had managed to stay together, for example “Married for 50 […] Read more »

7 (More) Healthy Relationship Characteristics

Signs you're in a good relationship

Part Three If your relationship passed the fourteen criteria in PART ONE and PART TWO then you can just about count on a long future together. But your relationship may be better than just good and healthy. Perhaps you have even more going for you that will keep you going […] Read more »