What Guys Think About How You Look

Some women get a lot of male attention, and some not so much. If you want to be seen as more attractive by more men, here are some generally accepted male points of view – though there will be plenty who deviate from this, if you don’t want to play ball 🙂

What Do Guys Think About How You Look


Two Things

On a basic, biological level, guys are only interested in two things – no, not those two things! The things that matter are health and youth – the idea being that a young, healthy woman is fertile and able to bear his kids. So if you are young and healthy you’ve got it made in the attractiveness stakes, and if you’re not, look as young and healthy as you can!



One thing that is supposed to signal health is symmetry – so if the two sides of your face and body are identical then you’re more attractive. There’s not a lot you can do about that though!


Vive la difference!

Men are attracted by things that make you different from them – that’s where breasts, rounded buttocks and hour-glass figures come in. Never mind if you don’t have that elusive hour-glass, you can emphasize your smaller features, smooth hair-free skin and lack of beard instead!


Insignificant Details

On the whole, guys are simple creatures. They like their women to look good, but they don’t get obsessed about the details in the same way that many women do. If he fusses, about the color of your nail varnish not matching your dress, get worried.



Most guys are not into high fashion. If you wear what suits you, then you don’t need to throw your clothes out each season. A nod to what’s “in” does no harm as long as it is flattering for your body shape. That will save him thinking he’s going out with a girl stuck in a time warp. Having a personal style (as opposed to rigidly following fashion) is good – it shows that you have a bit of spark, as well as self-awareness.



Guys are not into shoes and handbags. He won’t understand how much you spend on these things. My view – don’t tell him – just enjoy them anyway!



Guys love lingerie – the sexier the better – but keep it just for him and not showing through your clothes by way of rogue bra straps, see through tops and visible lines or bulges.


Natural But Not Too Natural

Guys like the natural look, or say they do. What they mean is that they like you to look natural although you spent 4 hours getting ready for a night out. Trust me, they do not want your natural hairy legs, gray roots or blemished complexion on show.


Lightly Does It

On the other hand, they want your makeup to stay on your face and not rub off all over their new shirt, so don’t put it on with a trowel. Very heavy makeup screams sleazy rather than classy, so if you want to be seen as long term girlfriend material, lay off the extra long false eyelashes with 3 coats of mascara and thick eyeliner. As a rule of thumb, you could draw attention to eyes or lips but not both, but it’s probably better not to overdo either.


Hair Color

The average guy is unlikely to be turned on by weird hair colors like lime green or neon pink – it’s natural all the way for him. No harm in warming up your dark hair color with a hint of copper or letting mousey brown go a bit lighter but very dark to very blonde is a no-no – your eyebrows and other parts of your anatomy will give the game away.


Get Fresh!

Guys want to kiss a girl who is clean and fresh. That should be easy enough to achieve. Heavy perfume is a no-no especially if it’s worn to disguise a lack of cleanliness. Don’t wear so much you make him sneeze.


Simple Looks

If your hair looks like it took a team to put together or you have gems embedded in your nails, you may think you look expensive but he just thinks “high-maintenance” and “no fun”.



Clean , soft, shiny hair, (let loose, if it’s long) is a turn on for most guys. Too “done” and he can’t run his fingers through it (or imagine he can).



He’ll think you’re silly if you wear heels you can’t walk in. You will look more elegant with a higher heel but only if you can walk in your shoes, and in any case, guys generally have nothing against girls who are height challenged, as it makes them feel tall and powerful.


Bare Flesh

Guys like to look at flesh, and if you show lots of it, you’ll get lots of attention, but not necessarily of the kind you want. Show a bit of leg or a bit of cleavage, but not too much of either and not both together.


Be Comfortable

A guy wants you to focus on the conversation and on him and not on what you are wearing, so if you’re going to be worried about your outfit, don’t wear it. Put something on that you feel good in and can forget about.



Guys don’t care how wealthy you are, so there’s no need to flash gold and diamonds about.


Listen To Your Mother

He DOES care how healthy you are (see #1). Smooth skin, plenty of sleep, fresh air, exercise – it’s all good – just like your mother told you.


Your Weight

It doesn’t matter whether you are a few pounds overweight, as long as you are not unhealthily obese (or unhealthily underweight for that matter). If you have a waist, it’s all good. Don’t try and disguise excess weight with clothes that hide everything or try and squeeze yourself into something too small. It’s not attractive and it doesn’t fool him.


Get Fit And Strong

Being physically fit and toned is a turn on. And it doesn’t do any harm in bed either. Good posture is much more attractive than a hunched look too. Walk tall!



Smoking is unhealthy and so it’s a turn off for most men, even, hypocritically, those who are smokers. The smell of cigarette smoke on your breath and clothes is unpleasant. It’s a habit to give up for your own sake never mind because of what men think of it.



Any color of skin is good as long as it looks natural. Orange and/or streaky fake tan is not.



Constantly looking in the mirror is not attractive. Being confident in yourself is. So feel free to forget all the other rules, if whatever you are doing makes you feel confident and matches your personality.



A genuine smile (one that reaches your eyes) counts for a lot, as does being fun to be with rather than sulking or pouting. And if you think HE’S sexy, that is the most attractive thing of all.

YOUR TURN: Does this fit in with the views of the guys you know? Do they even think beyond a nice face and figure when it comes to looks? Obviously personality counts too in the long term! PLEASE SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW

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  1. platinumblonde says:

    “very dark to very blonde is a no-no” with no explanation. what the fuck kind of bullshit is that? Stop being jealous just because you’re a gray mouse.

    • Ana says:

      The explanation is just like I say, nothing else will match your hair color – skin color, eye brow color. But feel free to disagree with the “gray mouse” (eh where did that come from – no gray here?) and look exactly as you want to look. It’s confidence that counts really. Lady GaGa and Madonna pull that kind of drastic switch off after all – every few months.
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