Why Some Women Prefer Married Men

Why would any woman in her right mind decide to go for a married man instead of looking for a single guy of her own to keep her warm at night?

Why Some Women Prefer Married MenWell, it seems there are sound reasons married men appear to have more allure than their single counterparts.

Though it still doesn’t make married men a good idea, here is why Mr. Married might seem like a great bedfellow.


He’s Pre-screened

It’s human nature for a man in demand to be more attractive than one who no woman apparently wants. At least one woman has already worked out that this guy is worth marrying, so he must be okay as a partner in many respects. There’s one exception to that, of course, and that’s as far as fidelity is concerned. If he’s with you, he’s not much good at being faithful, and he’s likely cheat again.


He’s Stable

Married men are usually emotionally and financially stable if they are in a settled relationship. Both those qualities are attractive to women looking at potential partners.


He Treats You Well

Married men usually treat their mistresses better than their wives—and, it has to be said, even better than they used to treat their wives before they were married. You will be lavished with gifts, affection and exciting sex. There’s a lot to like about that.


His Wife Has The Mundane Stuff To Deal With

You don’t have to deal with the boring stuff – his family or his dirty socks. And you’ll never have to deal with him when he has man flu or other ailments.


No Need To Commit

If you have a problem with commitment yourself, chances are it will not even come up in a relationship with a married man. As a rule, he will be happy that you don’t want to take things further.


Thrill of Risk

There is always the added frisson being involved in a clandestine affair, and, if you are not the one who is married, you get the “adventure” without any of the actual risk to anything but your reputation.


Of course there are plenty of disadvantages to being the other woman too

  1. He’s never there for you when you need him
  2. He’s inherently untrustworthy
  3. He’s a jerk for cheating on his wife. Even if their relationship is in a bad way—and don’t they always say that?—he should deal with that and end things before getting involved with you.
  4. Your friends and family are likely to disapprove and may even give you the cold shoulder, especially if any of them have been the victim of a husband’s infidelity

If a married guy starts looking like a good idea, try and remember that he’s basically bad news in your life, especially if you’re looking for a relationship rather than an affair. Besides there are great single guys out there for both relationships and sex, and you won’t be destroying anyone else’s family in the process.

Who listens to reason though when it comes to human emotions? It seems that, more often than not, thinking things through only happens when the damage is done.

Over to you: Have you ever been attracted to a married man and regretted it? Or gone on to marry someone you had an affair with and lived happily ever after? Please share in the comments below.

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