Why Your Man’s Best Friend Is A Dog…

…even if you don’t have a dog!

Why Man's Best Friend Is a DogIn the past fifty years, our lives have grown overly complicated and stressful. We demand more of ourselves. We are always contactable by phone, Internet or cell phone. Jobs have become more demanding and pressured as people get laid off and not replaced. And the commute to get to work has become a nightmare.

Most couples find it hard to make ends meet in a single income family, so there is often no one there all day to keep the home fires burning. And even if you have the luxury of staying at home, kids lives have become one mad rush of activity too, adding to the stress of staying home.

When a guy gets in from work all he wants to do is relax, and switch off from the stresses of the day.

Lucky for him, that he has the ability to relax – the average guy could quite easily switch on the TV and chill out, without caring about the breakfast dishes, the dinner that needs to be prepared, bills that need paying, and everything that needs to be fixed.

What Women Want

Women want to switch off too, but they tend to see everything that needs doing, and could no more sit down and switch on the TV as tap dance on the moon.

Women can’t relax until everything is done (and that means she rarely takes the time to relax properly, because there is a never ending To Do list). She recharges her batteries by getting attention, support and hugs…and help dammit, not by vegging out.

And of course that means he gets greeted with a tirade of need when he comes in, just when he is at his lowest and has least to give.

What Men Want

According to John Gray, author of “Why Mars And Venus Collide”, a guy loves to be needed, but most of all he wants to see that he makes a difference and makes his partner happy.

In the coming home scenario, his lady may be pleased to see him, but his efforts are only going to make a small dent in her stress. He’s going to be greeted by an unhappy woman whatever he does. He feels that he may as well not bother, because the complaints and demands are just going to keep on coming. He may make a half-hearted effort to keep her happy, but over time he becomes less and less inclined to do anything without nagging. To be happy and enthusiastic about helping, he needs to feel that he is succeeding.

How Dogs Succeed And You Don’t

The dog on the other hand is always happy to see your guy, and makes no demands. Your man is a hero. The dog gets excited when your man arrives, and is enthusiastic and affectionate. It never complains or demands he take out the trash just when he gets in. Later on the dog might need a walk and a belly rub, but that’s not what’s on a dog’s mind, when he sees your guy. It’s all joy.

What would happen if you were to be like that dog?

Mmmh …all those things to be done would still be there, right?

And, don’t you deserve a bit of help?

You do!

But will 10 minutes delay make a difference? Maybe it will. But if you can arrange it so that when you first greet each other, your guy gets nothing but a “happy to see you” greeting, carried out with enthusiasm and affection, you’re much more likely to get the help, hugs and affection you need to recharge your batteries.

If your guy doesn’t make you happy because of all he’s failing to do for you, try giving some of the unconditional love that a dog provides, and show him nothing but how happy you are that he is there in your life.

Even if you only do it for a couple of weeks as an experiment, try it. Ask if you need help (or a walk or belly rub), but not right away when your guy gets in. Just see if it makes a difference. A little thing like that can affect the whole future of your relationship.

Better a great relationship along with a bit of chaos, than a stressed, bickering couple eating their dinner on time, and a perfectly tidy kitchen.

What do you think? Does this scenario ring a bell in your relationship? How have you resolved the stress at the end of the day issue? My husband helps, but I know he’d rather be chilling out when he gets in from work. Waiting 10 minutes is not always an option, but when it is, I know he appreciates a break. I try and chill out at the same time too (and forget the mess – but it’s tough). Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. This is an interesting post. Dogs are great companions and they can help in so many ways. We can all learn from our furry friends. They are noble indeed. We must also learn to treasure our partner as they are important too.
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