One Dating Tip We Can All Learn From

I came across an article online yesterday that has a hugely important message for those of us looking for love (and probably for those of us who have found it too). If there’s one thing that can make a difference in all our lives, it’s confidence and a feeling that […] Read more »

How To Dress Comfortably But Look Sexy

How To Dress Comfortably But Look Sexy

If you think you need to wear tortuously high heels, uncomfortably tight dresses, or worryingly short skirts to look sexy, think again. Many men find comfortable clothing to be as sexy, if not sexier than traditional seductive outfits, depending what you wear and how you wear it. Remember that being […] Read more »

You Are Perfect Just As You Are

In 2001 (as long ago as that?) we all sat entranced as Mark Darcy declared to Bridget Jones that he liked her just as she was. “I don’t think you’re an idiot at all. I mean, there are elements of the ridiculous about you. Your mother’s pretty interesting. And you […] Read more »

How To Love Yourself More

How To Love Yourself More

Yesterday, in The Five To One Relationship Secret I wrote about how it was okay to have arguments and fights with your partner as long as the positive things going on in your marriage or relationship outweighed the negative by a factor of five to one in both number and […] Read more »

How To Be More Confident In Three Steps

Confidence is attractive to everyone not only to potential and current partners but also to friends, family, strangers and customers. You can get the guy, make a friend and get the job more easily once you have it. But how do you get your hands on that elusive quality? Some […] Read more »

How To Feel Good About Yourself

We women are well known for being hard on ourselves. Many of us feel we don’t measure up to some arbitrary standard we set in our minds. And though we do our best, we can’t succeed – ever – because that standard is almost impossible to meet. Where does that […] Read more »

Body Confidence: How To Feel Sexy

feel sexy

If there’s one thing designed to make you have less pleasure between the sheets, it’s feeling some kind of complex about your size or shape. But the fact is women are sexy in all shapes and sizes no matter what the media tries to force down your throat about the […] Read more »